Monday, April 14, 2014

Its been a while...hope you are well

Dear Zoe and Phoebe,

Its been 4 months!  So much has happened- Christmas (and a visit from Heart the elf), we saw Frozen (multiple times), Zoe's first stitches (tear), New Years (nothing notable), we bought a house!, longest winter ever, you have a new cousin!  and so much more.  Instead of stressing out and writing an epic long post- just gonna catch you up on what is awesome about both of you right now.  Hopefully life will allow me to keep up a little better than I have been (sorry- worst mom ever).

Zoe (3 years, 5 months, 15 days).  Man, 3 is pretty tough.  I've heard that 3 is worse than 2, but I thought, not for us!  WRONG.  You are a very spirited little person with your own opinion on everything.  You don't like wearing pants.  You don't like trying new foods.  You don't like matching your socks.  You like to be in control of the radio in the car.  You don't like to nap (napping is fo babies!) and don't most days.  I chose not to fight with you most days on these things (except when its 10 degrees and you don't want to wear coat because it doesn't go with your outfit).  Most days its okay (especially when you fall asleep in the car!).  Besides these challenges- you make me laugh daily and you are a pretty amazing little person (ahem, big girl).  You love music.  Taylor Swift is your favorite at the moment- I needed a break from all things princess so I thought Miss Swift was a good segway.  You are pretty sweet when you break into "We are Never Ever Ever getting back together" and instead of "I'm really gonna miss you picking fights"- you sing, "I'm rewey gonna miss you making pies!" at the top of your lungs.  During "quiet time" (in quotes because it is rarely quiet), you like to sit and listen to music and memorize all the words- often times calling out to me "Mama, what she said?  Why is Taywore Swift mad at dat boy?" You love "spooky" movies.  We think this is thanks to your uncle D for showing you Willy Wonka.  You won't eat plain cheese, but your fav food is still grilled cheese.  I don't think you've tried a new food in about a year.  You pick up new words every day and surprise me by using them in context.  "Zoe, you want to eat dinner".  "Um....potentiawee (potentially) after I'm done buildin dis castle".

Phoebe (1 year, 4 months, 25 days).  Almost 17 months.  And still not walking.  Pretty sure you can do it- you just don't want to.  (stubborness must run in the family?) You are a champion "knee" walker.  You love your mama.  I'm not gonna lie- even though some days it is hard bc you want to be held all of the time, I kinda like it.  You are a cuddler like no other.  You say so many words- Mama, DadDEE, sho sho (Zozo), Nana, DEEEE (D), Gaga, BAW (ball), POOOON! (spoon), Apple, Up, Nonono, Down?, Elmo, Doc....goes on and on.  You are obsessed with the most random things- last month, you wouldn't leave the house without mom's hairbrush- full of hair and all.  Gross.  Most days its a spoon- your most fav utensil and a toothbrush (again, ew).  You absolutely love eating.  All of the time.  It is a joy to feed you.  I can't even list all of your favorite foods because it is pretty much everything.  You couldn't be more different than your sister.  While most of her life- I have spend trying to get her to try my food and new things, for most of yours, I am hiding in the kitchen so I can get some of my breakfast before sharing it with you.  Included in your favorite foods is anything spicy (again a trait thanks to uncle D!) You love talking to your Nana on the computer and phone- you are constantly calling for her.  And second to mommy- you are Gaga's girl- if I am not here, she is really the only one you want to be with.   You are still obsessed with your stinky piggy- in fact, we have 8 at the moment so we don't lose any.  You love "going nigh nigh".  At any given point in time, you throw yourself down on your belly and announce "nigh nigh!"  It is your own version of baby planking.

Overall- life is pretty hectic.  But at the end of each day, no matter how hard it is, I still miss you guys and look back at pictures on my phone of you that I took that day.

I'm Weady to Go mama!

What?  No guac?

xoxo, the mama

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Shannon Teich said...

Zoe and Phoebe!!
It has been a busy time for all of us and we are so happy to see all your updates!! And your cousin is super happy to meet you too!!
Lots of Love,
Uncle Patrick, Auntie Shannon and Audrey xoxo